Fütskilz Fight Against Child Obesity Program

Our next event is Saturday, September 7th
9 – 11 am at Ft. Walton Beach Academy Day

Location: Ft. Walton Beach's Oakland Heights Soccer Fields
Registration begins at 8:00 am
Cost: $10 per player

Apples Instead of Fries...Water Instead of Soda! Join the Fight!

Childhood obesity is an extremely serious epidemic facing our nation and children. The Fütskilz Fight Against Childhood Obesity Campaign was grass rooted in 2007 and has since had an impact and powerful message to over 7,000 children not only on the soccer field, but in classrooms, lunchrooms and playgrounds…I volunteer my days to help kids understand the importance of healthy eating and exercise habits. The mantras are simple…”Apples instead of Fries, Water instead of Soda” and “Color on your plate”

Everyday lives for families are hectic, and I want to empower the children to make conscious choices for themselves!

A series of FREE community events are hosted throughout the year because of the generosity of our caring sponsors…and I am forever thankful. As a former World Class athlete, I understand the impact diet can have first–hand on performance and well being. I care whole heartedly to help this serious epidemic improve that is undoubtedly slowly killing our children and hindering academic performances. If you would like to volunteer, be a sponsor, or can help facilitate this campaign in anyway – PLEASE feel free to reach out to me. I would love to join hands and be friends with you in the fight!