Futskilz in the Great Outdoors

Fütskilz in the Great Outdoors

"Fütskilz For the Great Outdoors" is a cooperative event with the US Forest Service and local schools to promote outdoor activity while also teaching Nature education and preservation. Your friends at Fütskilz Soccer Training, the US Forest Service, and Land Between the Lakes have teamed up to host "Wonders of Water" events at the Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge.

These are informative and fun-filled outings that provide your students a unique opportunity to enjoy hands–on, small group activities geared toward the Kentucky Department of Education’s Program of Studies for Primary Students. The topics covered include: The water cycle, water conservation, recycling, the water table and boating and water safety. Just as the importance of water education goes well beyond the 4 walls of the classroom, students will actively explore this complex and necessary substance in a scenic outdoor setting that reminds us just how important water really is.

For upcoming event dates, and information, you can contact the US Forest Service or Fütskilz.


Fütskilz For the Great Outdoors

Family Fun Camping Weekend

Friday, May 24th – Sunday, May 26th (Memorial Day Weekend)
Cost: $55 per person
All ages – everyone welcome!!!!
Location: Brandon Springs Campground, Land Between The Lakes, KY
*All meals, outdoor activities & lodging included!